RAL 1020 Olive Yellow Decorative Powder Coating Uniform Surface Structure

RAL1020 olive yellow powder decorative coating offer a uniform surface structure

High quality powder coatings in nearly any color can be applied with TOPO, the environmentally friendly coating procedure. Based on epoxy resin, polyester resin or polyamide, the coatings offer a uniform surface structure. They are available in different gloss levels or with structural effects.

TOPO powder coatings can be applied to nearly any type of metal. Good bonding, excellent protection from corrosion and weather influences, combined with good scratch resistance and impact absorption, are the outstanding features of these coatings, along with a wide variety of surface structures.


Coating thickness: 35 µm to 600 µm
Temperature range: 160-200 °C depending on the coating type
FDA-approved: yes



Parameter of decorative powder coating paint:

Discription  powder coating
Type Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coating
Adhesion Cross-cut (2mm), no loss of adhesion
Impact Resistance Direct & Indirect 30-50kg/cm
Pencil Hardness 2H
Flexibility 3-7mm Mandrel
Bending Test 3mm
Salt Spray Test 5% NaCl Solution for 500 hours - No change
Acid Resistance 3% HCL for 240 hours dip test - No change
Alkali Resistance 5% NaOH for 168 hours dip test - No change
Storage Stability
Store in ventilated, dry, clean room, temperature<25℃
Relative humidity 50-65%
Away from direct sunlight, fire, heat
For best performance, use within 12 months


RAL 1020 Olive Yellow Decorative Powder Coating Uniform Surface Structure    



Decorative Powder Coating

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