RAL1033 Dhalia Yellow Powder Coat , 70% Gloss Lawn Outdoor Furniture Coating

RAL1033 Dhalia yellow electrostatic thermoset powder coating for Lawn Furniture


Additive—A material incorporated at nominally 3.0 percent or less into a powder coating formula. Additives have a functional purpose relating to the performance of the coating. Additives can be reactive or non-reactive. Reactive additives interact chemically with components in the formula or with environmental elements such as ultraviolet light, heat or ambient compounds (e.g., acid rain, moisture, etc.).


Non-reactive additives do not react chemically with the coating formula or the environment but influence physical properties such as melt point, viscosity and/or surface profile. Tinting pigments are typically used at low levels (i.e., < 3.0 percent) but are not considered additives.


Anti-gassing Agent—Volatiles can emanate from substrates via a few phenomenon. Some substrates are inherently porous such as cast magnesium or aluminum alloys.


These porous substrates evolve entrapped air and moisture during film formation and can result in pinholing or bubble defects. Other substrates such as galvanized steel evolve hydrogen gas as a reactant with acidic pretreatment chemicals. In addition some plastic substrates such as polyester composites can evolve low molecular weight polymer fragments that cause pinholing or bubble defects. These substrate-related volatile defects can sometimes be avoided by the incorporation of an anti-gassing agent. These materials are typically waxes that allow the coating film to expel the volatile then reflow or close the exit point in the film.



Physical Properties


        TP-1 TP-2
Flexibility BS3900 E1 Pass mm 6 5
Scratch BS3900 E2 Pass kg 4 4
Impact BS1391        
  Direct Pass in lbs 80 100
  Reverse Pass in lbs 80 100
Erichsen Cupping BS3900 E4 Pass mm 6 8
Cross Hatch BS3900 E6 Pass % 100 10



Suit your widest needs

  • Household appliances.

  • Automotive parts.

  • Bicycle components.

  • Coating of aluminum extrusions.

  • Window trims.

  • Wind powers.

  • Agricultural equipment.

  • Aerospace areas.

  • Interior and exterior furniture.

  • Architecture construction.

  • Metal fence and rails.

  • Food service areas.


Testing Items Standard Data
Appearance   Flat And Smooth
Coating Thickness GB/T6554-2003 50~70mm
Gloss(60°) GB/T9754-2007 From 2%~100% to All Gloss
Impact Resistance GB/T1732-1993 50kg.cm
Bending Performance GB/T6742-2007 2mm
Cupping  GB/T9753-2007 8mm
Adhesion Force GB/T9286-1998 0 Grade
Hardness GB/T6739-2006 2H

Resistant to Salt 

(1000 Hours)

GB/T1771-2007 No Change For Coating Appearance
Humidity And Heat Resistance (1000 Hours) GB/T1740-2007 No Change For Coating Appearance

Chemical Medium Resistance (240 Hours)








No Change For Coating Appearance

No Change For Coating Appearance

No Change For Coating Appearance

No Change For Coating Appearance

Heat Resistance GB/T1735-2009 It Can Reach Between 220℃/20minutes And 240℃/40minutes According To Color And Different Requirement



                  RAL1033 Dhalia Yellow Powder Coat , 70% Gloss Lawn Outdoor Furniture Coating  RAL1033 Dhalia Yellow Powder Coat , 70% Gloss Lawn Outdoor Furniture Coating


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