RAL 1015 Light Ivory TGIC Polyester Powder Coating , Durable TGIC Powder Coating

RAL1014 ivory color pure polyester TGIC powder coating sprayed by electrostatic spray gun


polyester TGIC powder coatings will provide good edge cover when sharp edges are present, due to the inherent higher melt viscosities of TGIC-based coatings, which may also increase surface roughness (orange peel). Over-bake color stability of TGIC-based coatings is excellent.


Although adhesion and corrosion resistance properties are similar to polyester urethane coatings, chemical and solvent resistance may be somewhat reduced.


Suitable for all kinds of products such as household appliances, instruments, meters medical devices,
automotive components, metal furniture, fitness equipment, indoor decorative painting, etc.
Also apply to a variety of equipment, pipes, pipe fittings and other requirements of corrosion coating.


Inspection Item


Test Standard or Method

Test Indicator
Type A Type B,C
Impact resistance ISO6272 GB/T1732-1993 40cm 50cm
Cupping test ISO1520 GB/T9753-1988 5mm 8mm


  (Planning grid method)

ISO2409 GB/T9286-1998 Grade 0
Crook ISO1519 GB/T6742-1986 3mm 2mm
Pencil hardness ASTMD3363 GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt test ISO7253 GB/T1771-1991 > 500 hours
Heat test ISO6270 GB/T1740-1979 > 1000 hours
Heat resistance 100°C/24 hours (white) Paul Light character (best)


Spraying gun: Corona

Coating Thickness:     Minimum – 35 microns
                                   Preferred – 55 microns
                                   Maximum – 65 microns


Powder physical properties:

Proportion : 1.2-1.8 (depending on the color and gloss ) .

Particle size distribution: 100% less than 125 microns (more than 85% between 60 to 90).




Curing conditions:200°C,10 minutes.


Average coverage:


8-10m³/kg, the membrane is 60μm

(calculate by 100% utilization rate of powder coating).


      RAL 1015 Light Ivory TGIC Polyester Powder Coating , Durable TGIC Powder Coating



Pure Polyester Powder Coating

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